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The old habit – smoking on bad nights

The rough nights between Christmas and Epiphany are magical nights. The word “severe”, as some believe, is not derived from the severe weather usually prevailing at this time. “Rauh” is an old word meaning smoke, because Rauhn√§chte is the time when traditional smoking occurs.

In earlier times, not only was the house smoked during rough nights, the stables and even the staff were included in this ceremony. Even hospitals rely on the disinfecting effect of smoking.

What can be smoked?

Basically you can All herbs, twigs and herbs Steaming. Upon ignition, the essential oils are released into the plant thus developing their effect.

Smoking a packet of sage (blot)

Sage, especially the white sage, is one of the world The main incense plants. You can also use any other sage. Take the one that grows in your garden or grab meadow sage.

Wise is that room cleaner par excellence and wonderfully suited to quickly restore fresh, tight, clear and pure energy. So it is ideal for polluted rooms such as Hospital rooms, classrooms or conference rooms. You can also smoke sage Strengthens focus.
smoked sage Smells herbal, spicy, aromatic and somewhat resinous, but also a little sweet.

Make a packet of sage (smudge) yourself

Take fresh sage leaves and lay the individual leaves nicely on top of each other. Tie the finished bundle with a thread. Now you have to let the package dry for a while.
Hint: If you want, you can do more Rosemary Put in the package. Rosemary has a stimulating effect and a very pleasant aroma.

Smoke the herbal mixture over the coals

smoking on charcoal one way too intense from smoking, in Lots of smoke is released. One is used to this special charcoalwhich has a small indent in the middle.
Ideally, you’ll have collected enough herbs throughout the year, but you can also buy dried herbs. I personally collect throughout the year.

  • Lavender cleanses And cleansed Air and works at the same time very often assured.
  • fire herb can in leave and sadness Help if you lose, for example, a loved one. It also represents A new beginning.
  • cool off jump conesAnd rest, Act quietly, we are sleep stimulates and help in slight depression;
  • Juniper berries increase the immune system, we are Germicidal And Anti-virus.
  • Wachholderholz he antisepticAnd BuildingAnd healing And Internal cleansing.
  • Rosemary Works disinfectionAnd Aphrodisiac And Enhances focus.
  • rose petals Not allowed in any love incense miss.


If you don’t have any other herbs on hand, go to the spice cabinet and use one bay leaf. This takes care of you clear head and leaves Free your thoughts.

Smoking with incense or local resins

The Three Kings brought gold, frankincense (which symbolized the divine and was of great value) and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Until today I will Incense is traditionally smoked at Christmas.

Incense has one Soft, balsamic, somewhat sweet fragrance He is known to most of the Church. it’s the truth pondAnd healingAnd antisepticAnd assured And lift mood. perfume Enhances focus And relieves anxiety.

Tree Resins – Local Frankincense

If you prefer to use “local incense”, you can collect tree sap in the forest. The tree’s resins are called ‘tree tears’ or ‘forest gold’. for you Purifying power and the Strong and spicy fragrance It activates our senses and connects us with Mother Nature.
spruce resin For example, it is used in folk medicine for to heal woundsJust as an infected tree would use it.
Should the resin Dry for at least a yearbefore using it for smoking. If it is too fresh, it fills the entire room with smoke. Only well-dried resin can develop a good smell.

Put incense or resin on the glowing charcoal. Close the bowl and “move” the space with it.


The smoke bowls are getting hot! Also, always remember to ventilate well.

Daniela Wattenbach and Wire in Byrne wish you lots of fun with smoking recipes!

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