Finland. Prime Minister gives up her post for one day to 16 years

Helsinki /

the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, it was a quiet Wednesday, because on this day the administration of the northern European nation symbolically surrendered 16 year old girl. This is as part of a campaign to support girls’ rights.

was the chosen one part ava, who from the steps of the Finnish parliament, after a decade Meeting with the Minister of Justice, told reporters that it was an “exciting day”, during which he learned “new things about the law”.

In the afternoon, young lady, Originally from Vasque, a small town in the south, addressed several deputies, as well as the Minister of Development and Foreign Trade.

For her, the message is clear: girls.They should become more aware of how important they are, and that they are as good as boys at technologyannounced.

During their meetings A high school student who actively advocates for environmental issues and human rights, also evoked the innovative power of young people.

“I think we young people can teach adults to be more creative and to think more about the future,” he said.

But does Ava expect to one day become prime minister? “It’s not up to me to decide, but maybe, yes!“, claimed.

The adolescent experience is part of International Day of the Girl Sponsored by the United Nations and celebrated on Sunday 11 October; All over the world, girls will hold ministerial positions for a day – in Peru, Kenya, Sudan and Vietnam – and reach senior positions at giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter.

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