Heavy rain floods communities in Bad Kreuznach – SWR Aktuell

In Bad Kreuznach, heavy rain again caused flooding on Saturday evening. Among other things, the Rudesheim community was affected.

The pictures show how the water flows through the villages. The torrential rain that resumed on Saturday afternoon began flooding streets and cliffs. According to preliminary information, the Sonnwald communities of Gebroth, Winterbach and Bockenau, among others, in the community of Rüdesheim were affected. Flooding has also been reported from Winterberg in the Nahi Glan community.

Several firefighters were on duty. They were supported, among other things, by the technical relief organization (THW) Bad Kreuznach, which claims to have provided about 3,000 sandbags.

Early on Friday evening, a hailstorm in Bad Kreuznach filled several basements. Water flooded the streets and lifted manhole covers. She added that some of the hailstones were the size of two Euros.

The vaccination center in Bad Sobernheim was affected by the storm

According to the emergency services, almost every street in Stromberg was under water. The B41 was also completely submerged at an exit near Bad Sobernheim. A street in Bad Sobernheim was flooded so badly that the water reached the state vaccination center there. Sometimes the power goes out. According to the firefighters, it is possible to continue the vaccination process. Vaccine refrigeration has never been compromised. In Bad Sobernheim, about 20 cellars were also full.

Even underground garages are pumping empty

In Mainz as well as in the Mainz-Bingen, Alsee and Ramz regions, fire brigades were called to about 100 operations within two and a half hours on Friday evening, the fire brigade announced on Saturday. Emergency services had to pump many full basements and underground garages, secure flooded streets and clean them up after the landslide.

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The motorway in Eifelkreis . flooded

In Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm, the A60 motorway between Spangdahlem and Bade in the direction of Prüm was flooded, according to police. B50 near Oberweis was contaminated with mud and rubble. In Schweich (Terre-Sarburg province) there were many road landslides, for example a local road near Zimmer was affected. In the Birkenfeld area a landslide occurred on the B41 near Niederbrombach. In the Vulkaneifel district, the road near Densborn was affected. In Daun and Gerolstein, water also entered basements and homes during heavy rain.

Severe weather causes disruptions to the movement of trains

In the Kossel region, storm damage disrupted the movement of trains. The road between Kossel and Altangelan had to be closed. A police spokesman said on Friday that due to heavy rain and hail, a tunnel in Braubach in the Rhineland district was filled with water. Due to a fallen tree, Federal Route 42 was temporarily closed Thursday evening. A police spokesman said nearby Camp Bornhoven had entire basements, fallen trees, flooded streets and a landslide.

Also published in Koblenz and Kaiserslautern

A police spokesman in Koblenz on Friday afternoon reported falling trees and flooding basements. In general, however, storms did not occur over a large area, but were local. In and around Kaiserslautern, the fire brigade also had to move several times because water entered the basement and flooded the roads. According to the police, some streets were closed.

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