Adding Minecraft music was Sakurai’s biggest challenge in making Smash Bros.

Introducing Steve, Alex, and everyone who accompanies them Maine Craft mechanical Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It was a daunting task, as all existing levels had to be reworked to present the materials for me. It wouldn’t be surprising if Smashing Series creator Masahiro Sakurai had to describe this development as the biggest challenge in developing the game. However, this is not entirely the case. Instead, just merge Maine Craft The music seemed to be the hardest.

In his latest column in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu – As translated by Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku – For a while, Sakurai said Smash Bros.The hardest thing was playing music [for the Minecraft characters]. Ashcraft explained that the exact Japanese text used in the sentence could additionally mean “the most difficult thing” or “greater crisis,” so regardless of the exact wording, Sakurai considered Maine Craft Music quite the hill to climb. It turned out that the development team ignored some of the arrangements Maine Craft Songs during development.

Sakurai previously explained in his book Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve / Alex stream that includes the standard Maine Craft In music Smashing It just didn’t work because the music was too quiet to match the frantic fighting. Instead, they ultimately chose to use more appropriate music from sub-shows like Minecraft world And the Minecraft dungeons. Making this decision seemed to come with a much bigger headache than anyone had expected.

Sakurai clearly didn’t talk much about the difficulties they faced with the music, but he did note that developing Steve DLC was a huge challenge overall due to the complications of the pandemic.

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what do you think of Maine Craft Music in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Was it worth disrupting the development team?


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