Hanno Berns wants to take responsibility at Hansa – and score goals

Hanno Behrens was the first new addition made by FC Hansa after the upgrade. An experienced professional must play a major role in the mission and wants to play a major role in the mission to remain in the second division. “He was the captain of Nuremberg and knows how to lead a team. He will take charge in the midfield,” coach Jens Hartl said of the longtime ‘club’. Shortly before the first training session of the new week, Hanno Behrens spoke on Monday about…


… his last season in 1. FC Nürnberg: “This has of course not been a satisfactory year for me,” said Burns, referring to his short spells at the club (just 400 minutes in total), which he had previously led as captain. “It was the first year in my career that I didn’t play a big role and wasn’t a regular player.” It was a new experience for him, as the 31-year-old says after six years with the Franconians: “I’m trying to do a positive take from him. I could see what it would look like if I was a little left out – it wasn’t good. That’s why I feel More happily because I can fight my way here in Hansa. That I have a new opportunity, a new challenge.”

…his time at Hamburger SV: From 2005 to 2012, Burns first went through the HSV youth and then made it to the pro team, which he wasn’t used to. Rodolfo Esteban Cardoso was the first coach who accompanied him from the youth B to U23. Born in Elmshorn, he also worked with Karsten “Air” Bäron. Most notable companion: Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (now Bayern Munich). “I played with him for a long time with the youth.” In the professional class, Byrnes trained with stars such as Ruud van Nistelrooy and Zee Roberto. “There were quite a few real hits. That was a huge leap for me, but as a young player I was able to learn a lot from it.”

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This is how long the contract for Hansa players is still:

Target – Marcus Kolke: He still has a contract until 30. June 2023.


… his decision for Hansa: After the contract expired in Nuremberg, there were some clubs interested, but the contract was awarded to FC Hansa after “very good talks”. “I think they really want me. Confidence is always important for a player to be able to perform,” the midfielder explains. “As a North German national, I know the club relatively well. I know how you crash here on the field.”

…its strengths and goals: “I didn’t come here to tell the boys how Division Two works. There are enough people who know how things work there,” said Burns, but I try to help one or the other with my experience. He prefers playing in the main office, “when I get the chance to do Deep tasks ahead. For a midfielder, I’ve always scored a relatively high number of goals – that’s definitely one of my strengths (33 goals in Serie B / editor). I would like to bring them here in the exact same way.”

…his athletic desires: “As a boy, of course, you dream of becoming a master,” says the blond boy. He hasn’t arrived (yet), “but I managed to make one or two dreams come true, I played in the first and second leagues.” And what is still open? “I would like to get more progress in the DFB Cup. The quarter-finals and semi-finals – that would be a small dream.”

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…his favorite hobby: As a teenager, Hanno Berns discovered his passion for surfing, which he first learned on family vacations in the Baltic Sea. Later “he and his friends chose the vacation spot after the waves”. When he moved to Rostock, the proximity to the Baltic Sea did not play a role. “I was already on the beach in Warnemünde and could enjoy the sunset. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for more.”

His plans after his career: “I am planning to take some time off and go on a trip around the world. In order to catch up on the things you can’t necessarily live with as a footballer.” Australia will also be on the Hanno Berens travel route. “You can surf the web well there.”

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