Gulf News | illegal fishing; The four arrested expats will be deported

Muscat, first published on November 17, 2021, 1:14pm IST

Muscat: Four expats arrested on charges of illegal fishing in Oman The arrivals were arrested during a joint operation between the Fisheries Monitoring Team in Al Wusta Governorate, the Royal Oman Police and the Omani Coast Guard.

The police arrested a group of four people from Dakhm district in the governorate. The police seized their fishing boat and other equipment. The authorities decided to deport four expatriates who are currently detained at the Hazen Center at the Royal Oman Police. The Omani Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said in a statement that legal measures have been taken.

Attempt to smuggle diesel. Eight expatriates were arrested
Police in Oman have arrested a man for attempting to smuggle diesel on a large scale. The Omani Coast Guard arrests eight expatriates. The ship was spotted by the Coast Guard trying to cross the Omani borders after a ship carrying diesel for smuggling.

The Coast Guard police led the search in Musandam Governorate, according to a police statement. A police statement said legal action had been taken against the eight Asians on board.

Last update November 17, 2021 1:14 PM IST

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