Excuse me! Don’t do this sometimes or your Whatsapp is blocked

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp gives warnings to users of modified WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp. For those who are still using the setting their account will be banned.

Not only temporary ban, but users can be banned permanently if they use these unofficial apps.

WhatsApp, citing WhatsApp on Monday (15/11/2021), wrote, “If you receive an in-app message that your account is ‘temporarily banned’, it means that you are probably using an unsupported version of WhatsApp and not the official WhatsApp app.” ).

The WhatsApp Mod has nothing to do with WhatsApp and even its parent company, Meta. The messaging app said the WA Mod app was created by a third party and violated the company’s terms of service.

WhatsApp said, “WhatsApp does not support these third-party apps because we have not been able to validate their security practices.”

There are many WA mods available currently. The app offers a new experience like features that are not yet available in the official app. Here are some WA tweaks:

1. GB WhatsApp

One that is offered is the ability to use two accounts on one device. This is different from the official WhatsApp which does not have this feature.

GB WhatsApp also has a feature to hide read messages, send HD images, auto reply features to messages, and many characters for status.

2. I WhatsApp

The application was developed by Youssef Al-Basha. But it lasted for a while and directed the developer to Fouad Mikdad who also developed FM WhatsApp.

Users of this application can use three accounts simultaneously and one application. In addition, it can also send images of 100MB in size and the feature does not show websites on the Internet.

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3. WhatsApp Plus

Lifewire writes that users can change the color, font, and theme of WhatsApp. Another feature is to mute voice calls and hide profile pictures. It can also use 4 accounts at once and delete the sent messages.

Additionally, according to Lifewire, WhatsApp Plus is not a secure app. That is, the installation is complicated by the standards and no support can stop at any time.

4. Blue WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp recognizes as a modded version and official WhatsApp. This application can modify the color and theme of the application. There is also a chat feature that can be deleted and prevent messages from being deleted.

There is also a notification if the account is deleted. Other features are deactivating voice calls and the ability to schedule message delivery.

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