The US Open has not been played and Australia is already under consideration

The 2021 US Open has yet to be played, and the 2022 Australian Open is already being considered. This is the storm of the tennis world. is that the epidemiological situation is nowhere near ideal and various options are being considered for the best possible development of skills.

Craig Tilly, actor tennis australia, Make it clear that quarantine in a hotel is not an option on the table from change Regarding the regulations that prevailed for the 2021 edition of the tournament.

However, the Main The Australian will be far from getting back to normal. At least that’s not a feasible scenario, and a more viable option would be to create a “biosecurity bubble” for two weeks before the tournament. Players in this bubble will have more freedom than they did this year, where they can only move from their hotel room to the courts.

“There is still a long time for the tournament to start, but for now we intend to create a bubble for two weeks during which Players will be able to move freely. They will be protected and also safe from the outside community itself. After these two weeks they will be able to go out and play the Australian Open with the public. We work with the government and health authorities so that there are also people in the stands,” Craig stated to the middle Sky Sports.

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