Government crisis, count in the classroom. Center-right shouts: “Mastela! Mastela!” Meloni: “Enough Barbatrucci.”

At a certain point the chorus begins: “Mastella! Mastella!” And so the center-right mocks Conte’s speech, conjuring the Benevento mayor on the square in these hours as the hiring manager for managers. And when the prime minister said that Italy was “the only country that has extensively involved Parliament in preparing the recovery plan, shouts from the Liga seats:” Liar! Liar “Three parliamentarians showing signs:” The Count has resigned! “

The Prime Minister in the House of Representatives speaks for 54 minutes, interrupted by twelve applause on his part, but in the end the right dismisses him with a chorus of “Quit! Resign!” Other protests flourished spontaneously when he appealed to responsible and pro-European forces against “sovereign right”. Chamber President Roberto Fico is forced to summon the deputies to issue the order. Salvini provoked him by referring to the proportional election law, one of the priorities that, according to the prime minister, must be achieved. “He lives on Mars!” “The main way is to vote. Or if the president wants, the center-right has women and men and energy and enthusiasm, it is not caught in the corridors thanks to Tabaci,” adds Salvini, live on Facebook. “Before they were traitors, Scilipoti, now they are in charge and builders, armchairs,” he complains. He says it is also possible to vote with the pandemic: “In the Netherlands they vote on March 17th and in Portugal on Sunday they elect a new president of the republic.”

“Counselor Conte, you were at first a populist, then a pro-European Orthodox, first on the right, then on the left, then in the middle, but also socialist and liberal. First in favor of illegal immigration, then against illegal immigration, TAV, quota 100 .. First friend and then enemy of Salvini, but also of Renzi and also Di Maio, Giorgia Meloni, vice president and president of the Brotherhood in Italy, said in announcing the vote against confidence in the Conte government. They attacked the prime minister several times, always calling him “Attorney Conte.” He introduces himself as the one who wants to rebuild Italy after he destroyed it – he continued – and who knows how useful a compass would be in the process! But I think the games this time will not succeed. ”Finally, regarding the election law reform cited by the prime minister, Meloni said,“ There is an emergency but they are dealing with that. ”

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President Conte, are you sure the president of the republic will allow you to rule in the absence of an absolute majority? After he refused to appoint a center-right in 2018 because there was no certainty about the numbers. Think democratic rules apply only to the center-right .. the rules Apply to everyone. “

“They wanted us, but they refused with losses,” Antonio Tajani rejoices, commenting on the prime minister’s appeal to the liberal forces, or rather to the disgruntled Azuri. “Conte’s letter is a book of intent with offers for places …”.

Then the center-right submits a decision asking Conte to resign. The statement read: “The Chamber, after hearing the Prime Minister’s statements regarding the current political situation, taking into account the tragedy of the ongoing health, economic and social crisis, and the inability of the current executive authority to deal with it; Decisions affecting the leadership of the country, after taking note of anything other than the political and institutional modalities through which the current executive authority is trying to solve the parliamentarization of the government crisis; moreover, any numbers in Parliament would lead to an artificial majority, which would constitute A weak executive authority without adequate parliamentary support. He highlighted that, in any case, any majority in support of the government leaves the crisis parliament, and this does not reflect the popular will; it obligates the government: to resign. It was signed by the leaders of the group Molinari (Liga), Gilmeni (Forza Italia), Lollobrigida (FDi), Lobby (Noy Con Italia) and Celie (Campiamo!). It is a position that Francesco Lollobrigida summarized as follows: “The main path is from the vote.” Claudio Borghi (Liga) wrote on Twitter: “I do not understand how Italy’s FIFA can abstain from voting after a speech of this kind and not vote against it.”

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“Conte has put China on equal footing with the United States as a strategic ally of Italy. It’s not (only) a breach of the circle, it’s that the prime minister by chance doesn’t really know what he’s saying,” the senator notes in a tweet. By Forza Italia Andrea Cangini. While he said so from the center-right seats, there were active protests.

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