This is Us’s new Italian version, Noi exclusive to Netflix for 4 seasons?

In the end it looks like the Italian version of this is usNoi, it may not be a rai novel. According to the latest rumors, in fact, it looks like he was a winner Netflix At the expense of public television, which would not have made the adequate offer for Katlia, who would thus have succumbed to the advancement of the broadcasting platform. Initially, it was thought to be a rai novel with the usual well-known faces starting with Lino Guanciale in the role of the hero who in the United States has a face. Milo Ventimiglia, but eventually Noi can make it to Netflix It was directly re-released with a request for 4 seasons of the series.

These details, if confirmed, really open up to the first question: Is it possible that Lino Guanciale, who has always been against feature-length series because he often takes part in theater (and not only), will give himself such a long-running project for Netflix? The second question concerns the series’ crew. If we’re really going to finish Netflix The faces of the protagonists may not be the faces of famous Rai family members but are lesser-known actors as often happened in the Italian series on the stage, and if it was Alessandro Borgi who took his place in the Italian family at the heart of the family drama?

At the moment it is only hypotheses and rumors but the only thing for sure is that Serena Rossi, back on air tonight with Mina Settembre, you won’t be part of the project She also revealed herself in an interview on L’Espresso. The actress has already talked about a project that is too long for her and she is also busy with other projects which is why she cannot be the female protagonist. So everything needs to be rebuilt for those who have already collected the names of the so-called heroes? For now, we just have to wait for the official news about the project.

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