Google is leading the way in data sharing!

Internet Desk: When going to a remote place.. Google Maps reminds me of a time when I don’t know how to go. You can reach your destination by looking at google map. However, the information that Google will make some changes in Maps. Previously it was possible to use Google Map services without sharing your location data. But mapping will soon show the way if you share your location data with Google. Google revealed the reason behind this. Google says it takes first-hand information to provide better services to its users.

A popup message will appear when you open the Google Maps app. A popup called “How Navigation Data Improves Maps” will be displayed. Google says it will take this data from the user and provide better navigation services. Google will assess traffic conditions in real time and make changes to keep them updated. Google usually collects data from GPS and barometers. The interesting thing here is that the user was told to take the data without linking it to the device but to a Google account. But she did not say how she would be independent. Tech groups say mobility could be affected if data sharing is not allowed. Google has not released any official statement on the matter.

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