Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint reader sometimes slows down

Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint reader sometimes slows down

All high-end models and phones these days have a fingerprint reader. Google was the only OEM to use the old backlit capacitive fingerprint reader on its smartphones. But that changed in the end Pixel 6 The series that comes with a fingerprint reader. However, in recent weeks we’ve seen many consumer complaints that the Pixel 6/6 Pro’s fingerprint reader is a bit slower and sometimes unreliable. Google has now somewhat explained why the sensor sometimes slows down.

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In response to a tweet by a pixel 6 user complaining about the unreliable operation of the fingerprint reader, Google revealed that the Pixel 6 fingerprint reader uses advanced security algorithms that can sometimes delay or require direct contact with the sensor.

Google has not confirmed whether it will release a software patch to remove fingerprint reader performance. However, as we reported last week, there is an easy way to do it Speed ​​up the slow Pixel 6 scanner at the bottom of the screen. and Pixel 6 Pro. All you have to do is go to Settings > Display And toggle the setting called “Increase Touch Sensitivity”. Several users reported that enabling this setting has actually improved the fingerprint reader. As Google explains in the file Pixel 6 support page, the scanner may not perform as expected in bright sunlight outdoors with minor screen protectors or screen smudges.

    The Pixel 6 comes with an under-display fingerprint reader, a new Google Tensor chip, a new design, and primary cameras.

Google released a file earlier this month Fingerprint Sensor Calibration Tool For Pixel 6 series. The tool allows Pixel 6 owners to recalibrate the fingerprint reader after a screen replacement.

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