Google Chrome is changed

Google Chrome comes with multiple changes. This change is brought for Microsoft Windows 11. Users need to know what this new Windows 11 application will be like.

The new look has been given to almost all the apps in the new version of Microsoft Windows 11. Like Paint, calculator, clock, etc.

Besides, changes are also coming in other popular apps from Google Chrome. Several changes are made in Windows 11 for its proper visuals.

According to the MSPowerUser report, a message will come for future updates in Google Chrome for Windows. Once updated, Google Chrome will be available in a new form. After the update, Google Chrome browser will have a round context menu.

Although Windows 11 works on certain computers, the new context menu theme can be seen in Google Chrome in Windows 10. Windows 11 will also notice some changes, such as the Windows taskbar), the Start menu will be redesigned, etc.

Microsoft has been working with Windows 11 for a long time. In a few days, they will release the latest version of Windows 11. This updated version was made keeping in mind the users.

Tests are underway to make Google Chrome apps more popular with Windows 11.

Bangladesh Magazine / MS

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