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a , aka Taylor Super, posted a video on Twitter showing a huge Eat another six feet in Southern California, in .

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In the audio-visual material, posted on the above-mentioned social network, it was shown how giant reptiles, immersed in a pond, Devouring mercilessly to another species of the same type.

Taylor Super announced, to US media outlet USA Today, that His father He took the amazing pictures when he saw both animals.

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“I was completely stunned. It’s a damn dinosaurHe said the subject to the medium said.

According to the man, Wouldn’t it be the first act of cannibalism watched by your family. It turns out that the crocodile that the victim had ate a smaller crocodile near the area.

brutal act video went viral On social networks, many users express their surprise at seeing a nature show starring animals of the same species.

The parent who recorded the audio and video material has no social networks. however, Taylor Super He confirmed that he “liked everything.”

“It was like, holy crap, I never expected this to go off the way it did.”knob Super.

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