“Metaverse” Ifland “is a facilitator for the deployment of 5G networks… grafting commerce into the future”

It has been decided that SK Telecom’s ‘Ifland’ metaverse platform, which was launched a month ago, could be a catalyst for 5G deployment, and plans to fully support it for overseas promotion and expansion.

“Telecommunications infrastructure is important because the data flow is very large when using the Metaverse service,” Jeon Jin-soo, President of SK Telecom’s Metaverse (Chairman of CO), said at a press conference on eFriend on the 19th, and at the same time Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies and devices are evolving.”

The former CO chief emphasized that the Metaverse is valuable as an alternative communication space where daily life has become invisible due to COVID-19. Thousands of spaces and tens of thousands of meetings were created in the month of its release.

Jeon Jin-soo, President of SK Telecom’s Metaverse, gives an explanation while standing in the middle of the podium at a press conference in IFLAND.

“SK Telecom is focused on clusters between many regions,” said the former CO chief.

He continued, “New user cases are being created day by day, such as the proposal within Ifland within a month of its release and dancing happily in the club despite the COVID-19 situation. I see it as a big wave being reproduced in relation with various industries.

SK Telecom believes that the metaverse can be developed through ▲ augmenting reality (importing a shape in reality) ▲ duplicating reality (executing on the metaverse through an avatar) creating a virtual world, etc. We plan to change it to

Yang Maeng-seok, Head of Metaverse Business at SK Telecom, said, “The trend of the partnership is to become a representative communication channel that connects with the MZ generation in the era of face-to-face non-confrontation. We will be able to open up to showrooms and concerts by entering Evland.”

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SK Telecom plans to allow users to create costumes and items to avatar Ifland.

In particular, Yang emphasized that the avatar is like a “semiconductor” that drives the metaverse ecosystem. We are creating a system that will allow users to create and trade avatars and spaces directly, and we are also designing a currency used in IFLAND.

Yang said: “Since money is essential in the economic system, we are reviewing the exclusive currency used in IFLAND.

Ifland is available on mobile devices such as Android and iOS, and it is also released as an Oculus Quest version to increase the number of devices in use. In addition, based on the experience of operating SK Telecom’s other augmented reality service “Jump AR” globally, eFriend also plans to expand the service to more than 80 countries during this year.

SK Telecom plans to launch the eFriend function as an open platform so that external partners can also use it.

It also works with several international companies to expand the versatility of the device.

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“Not only do we do ifland for SK Telecom, but we also collaborate externally on global platforms and technologies that serve as a major foundation,” said Ik-Hwan Jo, director of metaverse development at SK Telecom. We are also collaborating with Unity in order to strengthen the game engine.”

He continued, “We plan to open the avatar platform and space this year so that outdoor platforms can directly participate in creating avatar costumes and spaces. I will.”

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