Goals and Briefs: Chivas Guadalajara 3-1 Rayados Monterrey in the 2020 Liga MX | 11/07/2020

3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

Angolo is the third goal for Chivas

8:56 PM 3 hours ago

Full Time | Chivas 3-1 Monterrey

With a fantastic comeback during the second half, Chivas scored a decisive victory to secure their home advantage for the next round. Rayados will have to play an extra match to reach the quarter-finals.

8:54 PM 3 hours ago

90 ‘+ 3’ | Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

8:50 PM 3 hours ago

90 ‘

Four minutes of extra time.

8:50 PM 3 hours ago

89 ‘

Arturo Gonzalez sees a yellow card for a foul near the midfield.

8:47 PM 3 hours ago

Vega with the goal of putting Guadalajara first

8:45 pm 3 hours ago

This was the tie by Zaldivar

8:44 PM 3 hours ago

84 ‘| Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

Alexis Vega hits from outside the box to put Chivas in the lead!

8:43 PM 3 hours ago

82 ‘| Chivas GOOOOOOOOAL!

Zaldivar equalized with a header after a wonderful cross from Anton!

3 hours ago

79 ‘| Monterey alternatives

3 hours ago

78 ‘| Alternatives to Chivas

Beltran and Presino will be replaced by Torres and Peralta.

8:29 PM 3 hours ago

69 ‘| Monterey replacement

Maxi Meza comes to replace Dorlan Baboon.

8:27 PM 3 hours ago

68 ‘

Beltrán sees a yellow card after causing Hurtado to foul.

3 hours ago

66 ‘

Janssen with a quick spin to take a shot on target. Gudiño makes an easy rescue.

3 hours ago


Sepúlveda with a head inside the box, but he’s too weak and Gonzalez catches it with no problem.

8:21 PM 3 hours ago

60 ‘

Janssen puts Gallardo in the center of scoring with a superb pass. The Mexican international strikes with his left hand, but Godinho made a great save to keep Chivas in the match!

3 hours ago

57 ‘| Monterey replacement

Sebastian Vegas replaces Ak Looba.

3 hours ago

55 ‘

Luba was warned after a tough challenge to Presinho

3 hours ago

53 ‘

Antona crossed in search of Molina, who hurried towards the penalty area, but the captain’s header passed over the bar.

3 hours ago

51 ‘| Chivas replaced

Sanchez leaves his place on the pitch for Angolo

4 hours ago

46 ‘

Baboon found a rebound inside the penalty area. He was well placed to increase Monterrey lead, but his shot couldn’t find the target.

8:06 PM 4 hours ago

46 ‘| The second half begins

We are in the second half of the match between Chivas and Rayados.

8:00 pm 4 hours ago

Highlights in half!

7:49 PM 4 hours ago

Half the time Chivas 0-1 scheme

We go to rest with Monterey in the foreground. With this result, Rayados reaches the quarter-finals.

4 hours ago 7:47 PM

45 ‘

Two minutes of extra time in the first half.

7:45 p.m. 4 hours ago

Hurtado’s goal put Monterrey ahead

7:38 PM 4 hours ago

35 ‘| Monterey GOOOOOOOOOOAL!

7:32 PM 4 hours ago

31 ‘

Dorlan Papon strikes a ball that Godinho stops easily thanks to his great positioning.

7:30 p.m. 4 hours ago

26 ‘

The game was paused as Fernando Beltran received a blunder asking Chivas medical team to examine him.

7:26 p.m. 4 hours ago

22 ‘

The game continues without explanation from either team. Lots of matches happen close to midfield with great caution between the sides.

7:19 p.m. 4 hours ago

17 ‘

Antona tries his luck from a distance, but the attempt goes too far.

7:16 PM 4 hours ago

13 ‘

Chivas fights to create a threat to Monterrey during the first minutes of the match.

7:07 PM 5 hours ago

4 ‘

Janssen receives a pass from Ake Loba and scores a goal, but Gudiño’s attempt handles it with ease.

7:04 PM 5 hours ago

2 ‘

Nico Sanchez puts himself in attacking the Buses and pays off. The ball went too far from Gudiño’s goal.

7:03 pm 5 hours ago

0 ‘| Starting!

The match between Chivas and Rayados takes place at Akron Stadium.

6:58 PM 5 hours ago

Everything is ready to go!

We are just a few minutes away from the start of the match between Chivas and Rayados!

6:43 PM 5 hours ago

Great place for today’s match!

6:36 PM 5 hours ago

Monterey: starting eleventh

6:31 PM 5 hours ago

Chivas: starting eleventh

6:14 PM 5 hours ago

Rayados’ locker room awaits them

6:11 PM 5 hours ago

Chivas has arrived in their stadium!

6:04 PM 6 hours ago

Live coverage begins!

4:59 pm 7 hours ago

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4:54 PM 7 hours ago

Rayados: Last XI start

Gonzalez. Montes, Sanchez, Gutierrez, Vegas; Ortiz, Gonzalez, Rodriguez, Meza; Funes Morey, Hurtado.

4:49 PM 7 hours ago

Chivas: The last time in the eleventh

Godinho. Sepulveda, Mir, Punch, Sanchez; Molina, Beltran, Angolo, Brizuela, Antona; Vega.

4:44 PM 7 hours ago

How to watch Chivas vs Rayados Live TV and Stream

4:39 PM 7 hours ago

Reyados claimed another title win

4:34 PM 7 hours ago

Chivas cuts 5 of his players

4:29 PM 7 hours ago

Team responsible tonight

4:24 PM 7 hours ago

Rayados looking to reach the quarter-finals

4:19 PM 7 hours ago

Chivas wants to play the next round at home

4:09 PM 7 hours ago

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