Go on vacation? Yes, here is the Summer Covid Festival

Nine million Italians are already ready to go – Roughly 9 million – at least according to Swg and the Confturismo Confcommercio – are citizens who have already chosen when and where to go. Instead, there are 16 million, between those who still need to make a decision and those who already know they will have to give up, and those missing from the appeal compared to pre-Covid times. 80% of citizens will stay in Italy, preferring coastal destinations, for example Puglia and Sardinia, but also Tuscany. Among the favorite foreign destinations are Spain, then Greece and France. The problem is the heavy concentration of required durations, especially with regard to trips of at least 7 days: 60% of interviews scheduled between the second half of July and August while September and the first two weeks of July together do not arrive on schedule. 24% of preferences.

Transfers between regions. According to the rules in effect at the moment, Italians can safely book their holidays in all regions of Italy: there are no restrictions on travel along the peninsula (nor obvious if you are moving to a second home). The only restrictions still in effect relate to movement between areas of a different color than the original. For example, to go from a yellow zone to an orange zone, it is necessary to have the national green corridor.

National Green Corridor. The National Green Corridor is a triple-certification: three alternate documents confirming a swab negative (carried out in the previous 48 hours), completing a course of vaccination or recovering from Covid-19. For now, the corridor is only for those intending to move into areas of a different color than their own. It’s not helpful, at the moment, to have access to big events or clubs. Different words if you come from outside. From whichever country you are traveling to, temporary storage and quarantine for a period of 5 or 15 days is always mandatory. The only exceptions are flights from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Israel for which a negative test suffices.

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Beaches. Reservations are not compulsory but recommended and as such is required by many bathing beaches
Obviously, it will be necessary to respect a protocol that allows everyone to remain as insecure as the previous season. For example, each canopy should have ten square meters, and there should be one
Designated for monitoring free beaches. Team sports are always prohibited, while individual sports such as racquetball are permitted.

Reservations and refunds. Usually, transport companies, hoteliers or tour operators are not required to compensate for reservations in the event of a positive opinion of the traveler. The same applies if the tourist decides not to leave because he does not feel safe but without any restrictions imposed by the authorities. On the contrary, if the counterparty (the accommodation facility, for example) is forced to cancel the reservation due to the ongoing health emergency, then the traveler is entitled to a refund, voucher or replacement package. In any case, it is possible to obtain specific insurance.

Access to hotels and accommodation facilities. In Italy, it is not necessary to present the negative result of the smear in order to access the accommodation facilities. However, many hotels, by choosing them, have decided to give guests free tampons when they come to check-in. There is no obligation but only an additional service is provided to the tourists to lure them to choose this structure, tampons are mandatory for those who choose to pass.
Cruise holidays. This should be done before boarding the ship, but companies often prefer to make another one for all guests, even mid-flight.

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Quarantine is not always mandatory for travel abroad. There is no single protocol, not even in the European Union: but everywhere it is necessary to introduce a negative buffer. So, while Italy has now lifted the quarantine of those coming from the Union, Great Britain, Israel, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands have not, with the expected days being 10 (but could change soon). Also in Great Britain, isolation is 10 days (5 with a negative test done after arrival). On the other hand, Italy is not allowed in the USA, China, Canada and Australia (for tourism), on the contrary, for other countries such as Spain and Greece, the negative smear is sufficient and there is no quarantine.

Curfews and discos. There is still no date for the discos to reopen. For now, with a curfew at 10 PM (which will likely move to 11 PM, or maybe midnight as of next May 24), this type of nightlife club cannot accommodate customers at all. However, it is possible that, as vaccinations progress, the infection is so under control that even reopening can be allowed.

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