Gioconews Player – Entertainment: The UK’s first 4D virtual reality venue has opened

The UK’s first fully immersive virtual reality site will open in Birmingham, England in 2021.

Imagine a virtual environment in which, in addition to projecting into a parallel reality, as is already happening in many experiences of this kind, you can deal with more realistic effects and animations, such as the possibility of grabbing objects from a plane or from a room. Well, it is also possible, using The solution in 4D Suggested it Atmos VRThe company that specializes in creating virtual reality attractions has announced the opening of a new office in Digbeth in Birmingham, England, adding that there are eight other similar projects planned for other locations in the UK. A development that stems from the liquidity injection that the company obtained after investing one million pounds to expand its credits in the business sector.

The free interactive roaming game will provide services to a limited number of players, in the form of guaranteed remote social entertainment, through one-hour offers. 4d effects include moving floors and the ability to pick up and touch virtual objects in the game. Players will also be able to feel the objects around them and tattoo the atmosphere.
Company founder Kevin Blair, who has military and business experience in virtual reality, spent three years perfecting the concept of this innovative gaming platform. Blair explains: “Atmos Vr aims to deliver creative content using the latest in immersive technology, ever-evolving virtual reality and beyond, pushing the experimental limits of entertainment experiences.
Other locations will open in Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Glasgow, Cardiff and Southeast England within the next five years.

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