George Clooney shares how the fight between his two children broke down


The ‘Midnight Sky’ actor opens up in a new interview about his little parenting trick to get his two young children to act before the upcoming holidays.

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George Clooney He convinced his kids that he was in constant contact with Santa Claus before the holiday.

59-year-old Midnight Sky actor shared a genius parenting trick during a virtual interview onLate Show with Stephen Colbert, Revealing how he got his three-year-old twins Ella and Alexander to act during the holidays.

George said about young children, with whom he shares his wife Amal Clooney.

He detailed his technique, “When they are sleeping in the morning – they sleep in the same bedroom – they start making noise and you can hear them wrestling, and I stand outside the door and go, ‘Hey Santa!’ Then you hear Santa Claus over there and he’s like, ‘Ho ho ho! ”

I say, “What are you doing here, Santa?” “And he says,“ Oh, I just make sure the kids are good kids, ”explains George.“ And you can hear them say, “We are Santa! We are!” George added.

While the method works well for now, the star is unsure of how to progress with the advent of spring, adding, “I’m concerned about the Easter bunny, because I’m not quite sure what it looks like.”

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