From the German dream of gold – Finland meets Canada in the World Cup final

The Finns celebrate Pakarinen’s goal to lead them 1-0.Photo: cornerstone

As happened in Slovakia two years ago, defending champions Finland and Canada will meet each other in the World Cup final in Riga on Sunday evening. In the semi-finals, the Finns beat Germany 2-1 and the Canadians beat the United States 4-2.

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The Germans also held out more than well against Finland. In the first third the shot ratio was 9:5 (total 28:17) in their favour, but they entered the first half with a 0-2 lead. They conceded both goals themselves. Shot 0: 1 (14) Matthias Niederberger, a long shot from Eero Bakarinen, a 0: 2 pass from Hans Bjornenen (19) was preceded by a mistake from Lukas Richel.

Cheerleading is only allowed once and not at the end: two German cheerleaders in Riga.

Cheerleading is only allowed once and not at the end: two German cheerleaders in Riga.Photo: cornerstone

It was Germany’s last World Cup medal in nearly 70 years

Already in the fourth final against Switzerland The Germans were 2-0 down, but this time the mortgage was very heavy. They managed to score the next goal again – Matias Blacha scored in the 32nd minute of strong play – and once again made their mark on the match in the final third. But despite some very good chances, the penalty kick champion Marcus Käubels missed against the Swiss one in the 55th minute, but this time they were denied the score 2-2.

The Germans lost 2-1 to the Finns in the group stage. In the match for third place, they now have another chance to secure their first World Cup medal since 1953.

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Maple Leaf can catch up with Russia

Canada and Finland have already faced each other in the final in 1994, 2007 and 2016 and in the last World Cup in 2019. The North Americans won the first three times, two years ago the Finns surprisingly won 3-1.

If the Canadians win again this time, it will be their 27th World Cup title, making them record holders. Russia will open. Finland wants to ascend to the throne of the World Cup for the fourth time.

Finland – Germany 2:1 (2:0, 0:1, 0:0)
Riga, Arena. – SR Björk / Nord (SWE), Hynek / Ondracek.
rip: 14. Baccarinen (Londel, Kaski) 1: 0.19. Björninen (Antila) 2: 0.32. Plachta (Seider / Exclusion Sund) 2: 1.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Finland, 3 times 2 minutes against Germany.
Finland: Olkinora. Koivisto, Sund; Kaski, Matta; Buka, Utama; Nousiainen, Lindbohm; antila, purninen, melaninin; Ojamäki, Lundell, Swedish; Bakarinen, Kontiola, Enala; Salinen, Roohoma, Turonin.
Germany: Niederberger Seder, Moritz Muller; Holzer, Jonas Muller; Nowak, Wagner; Gawanky. Pföderl, Reichel, Noebels; Blachta, Kahon, Eisenschmid; Rieder, Loebel, Kunkel; Petrka, Kastner, Kramer; Tiffles.
Notes: 33rd Post Shot Ojamäki. Germany from 58:12 without a goalkeeper. (RAM/SDA)

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These ice hockey legends fall into the Triple Gold Club

What: AB/AP/Michael Dwyer

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