Countdown to Australia tour with friendly protocol

The bulk of the world tennis circuit begins its move to Australia on Sunday, as the 2022 season will begin with a COVID-friendly and more flexible protocol than the 2021 protocol. Organizing the Ocean Tour will take 20 charter flights from Buenos Aires, Santiago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo where players planning to participate in any of the five tournaments will travel. ATP And many other things Women’s Tennis Association In Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, Which will start on January 1 before the first Grand Slam of the year (17-30). The rest can go on regular trips.

The big question is what are they going to do? Djokovic And Nadal, affected differently by the epidemic. In the case of the Serb, because of his suspicion of vaccination, and in the case of the Spaniard, because he is isolated because he contracted the disease at the exhibition he participated in last week in Abu Dhabi. Djokovic may try to qualify for one of the medical exemptions allowed as an alternative to vaccines, which include inflammatory heart disease (myocarditis, pericarditis…)Acute or insufficiency, acute rheumatic fever, serious medical conditions, PCR-confirmed infection or any adverse event attributable to previous administration, as well as risk to persons with developmental or mental health disorders.

Exemption requests will first be reviewed by a government committee made up of physicians from the fields of immunology, infectious diseases, and general practice. Then they issue a verdict from another independent group of experts. The privacy of applicants will be respected. The truth is that only people who meet any of these requirements or are vaccinated can participate in the tour.

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freedom of movement

Aside from the paperwork and PCR tests needed to enter the country, tennis players will undergo another test upon arrival and will not leave official hotels until the result is negative. Then they can stay or stay in one of their choice. The tests will be repeated every 5 or 7 days, and the people in those tests will have to spend 10 days in isolation, not their contacts if they are not infected. Mask will be mandatory in all Melbourne Park and there will be no restrictions on movement in the cities, although caution should be exercised.

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