From Kamala to Franca Valerie: Women Icon of 2020

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. The women, in this very complex year, have inspired and taught us that when you want something you have to go and get it. Some are gone, but they are all We must remember it to make us think e To pave the way for the achievements we enjoy today. A long list that cannot be completed and remains open to add more and more.

Kamala, Vice President of the United States of America

Kamala Harris is without doubt the name of the woman who has dominated the most in 2020. Fifty-six Senators, she is The first woman to be elected Vice President of the United States of America. But she is the daughter of immigrants, active in the defense of civil rights, It is not the only “pink quota” to win a position that has so far been a man’s prerogative.

In the Biden government, there are already many women in power: starting with Janet YellenLabor economist at Berkeley University and economic advisor to Bill Clinton during his presidency, She has appointed the first female Treasury Secretary in the 231-year history of this division.

Then we move on to April HainesFormer Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and former Deputy National Security Adviser, Appointed as the head of National Intelligence, the CIA so to speak.

Then there is also Debra Haaland The first member of an indigenous tribe or ethnic group to lead the Ministry of Interior, That in the United States, it does not deal with police and public order, but with natural resource management, forest heritage, national parks and reserves, as well as ethnic minority programs.

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From America to Italy

Back in Italy they will remain unforgettable The three Spallanzani researchers who isolated the Coronavirus, Maria Capobianchi, Francesca Colavita and Consita Castelletti.

While in the “first times” they find a place on the list: Francesca Nani is the first woman in the history of the judiciary to lead Milan Prosecutor.

Maria Luisa Belizari

Maria Luisa Blizzari, First Deputy Chief of Police. Padovana, 61 and a continuous commitment of 35 years in the police, is almost entirely dedicated to fighting the mafia with excellent results, including the arrest of Luca Bagarella, and significant operations against organized crime and terrorism.

On the other hand, Antonella Polimini is the first rector of the University of Sapienza in Rome, The largest university in Europe, since 717 years of its history.

Margarita Cassano, first woman to be appointed Assistant President Veto. A woman has never reached this high in the Supreme Court

still Sara Gamma became Vice President of Assocalciatori The first woman to hold this position. Captain of Juventus and the Italian national team, Sara has always fought for the rights of the players.

The unforgettable ones that left us

Finally, the feminine icons that sadly left us in this unfortunate year. starting from Franca Valerie, the pioneer of female comedy, One of the most beloved faces in the Italian group of the 1960s with his unforgettable characters like Sister Sisoni, Cesera Manicure and Miss Snoop. Non-conformist and always a feminist, she just hit 100, which is a worthy exit for a great actress.

We had to give another painful goodbye Ruth Bader Ginsburg One of only four women is a judge on the Supreme Court. Paladin fights for equality between men and women. Symbol of women’s rights, On the shirts and pins proudly worn by generations of girls. The whole world thanks you today for your contribution to a more just and inclusive society.

As we left Rossana Rosanda is a writer and former director of PCI in the 1950s and 1960s. Foundations of the statement She spent her entire life in political commitment and reflection to the end, being a clear testament to her time. Among the many lessons we must also thank her for is learning from one’s mistakes.

And we must not forget Lydia Menabes, partisan to the core to the end When he said goodbye. The biggest lesson we learned from this small but huge woman Is that political commitment can live with joy and lightness. But not only that: pacifists and feminists, she has always defended the right of women to choose their path freely and expressively In his well-known phrase, “Motherhood is a possibility, not an obligation.”

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