Friedberg / Dasing: The rush to hairdressing salons and garden centers begins in the Friedberg region

The hair grows and the summer weather is really perfect for garden work. Hairdressers and nurseries are also allowed to reopen on time on the first warm days.

It smells like shampoo, it makes the hair dryer chime and the radio is running in the background. Since Monday, hair salons and garden stores have been allowed entry Bayern To open it again. How was the first day after two and a half months of closure?

In the Giovanni team at the Muenchner Straße in Friedberg Clients are seated at great distances from each other, with yellow stripes designated for each area. When the opening date was set, staff contacted customers who had an appointment at the close, explains Palma Formarola, whose father owns the chain. The first two weeks they are now “completely booked,” but they’re still trying to accommodate clients in any gaps – even though 60 clients a day finally get a new haircut.

The hairdresser is methodically close to the soul

Dash is also great at Salon Eschbach. Franziska Kies reports that there are no more appointments available to them in the next three weeks. And Hugo Mikel of Hair by Hugo was the first customer to get into the barber’s chair shortly after five o’clock Monday; It passes until 11 pm.

There are no more appointments available until the third or fourth week of March, so some have offered to pay twice the regular rate. Customer Monika Havemeister is also pleased that the store can open again. She also says that the hairdresser has a systematic connection with the soul.

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The flowers are allowed to shine again

People called and asked if it was really open, as Gota Meyer from “Flowers Viola” describes. On the first day after closing, 100 customers were sure to come, almost triple that by Click & Collect. The mood is positive, customers are happy that they can look at the flowers and pick them again. She also introduces the silk arrangements that the trainees have made in the last few weeks.

Also at Hinterholz, clients can return to the nursery.

Photo: Marilyn Faulkman

Michael Schlegel of Hinterholz’s nursery describes the phase when he had to set up the sales area again as a bit cumbersome. Compared to normal March 1, there is a lot going on today, he says. Several visitors called last week and made requests. For Schlegel, it was the “highest railroad” of openings. If one had to wait longer, the flowers would not be for sale.

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