New Netflix releases in March 2021. And news from Sky and Amazon

After February is full of science fiction movies and TV series, with Bred by wolves, By Ridley Scott, E. The tribes of Europe, From the creators darkAmong the most interesting titles, Netflix releases new ones in March 2021 And the Sky News and Amazon Prime Video Give some pretty surprises.

Netflix releases new ones in March 2021

Let’s start with the planned new releases on Netflix that confirm the release of some very successful TV series. Who appreciates bloody battles and machinations Vikings, I’ll have to wait March 30th To see th The new sixth season.

Instead, it is better for lover Riverdale, The most popular teen TV series in recent years, featuring Chapter 4 is already available on broadcast from March 1.

The wait also ends for the superheroes in TitansWho is coming back from March 3 With the new third season While in the anime interface it is Pacific Rim: The Dark Zone, One of Netflix’s most promising new releases for March (scheduled 4).

What you’ll watch in March on Netflix: Baker Street Ertriolants – From March 26

between Most anticipated Netflix TV Originals for March There is instead Baker Street Ertriolants (Pictured above), in Victorian Victoria. A gang of teenagers disjointed thanks to the left Dr. Watson And his mysterious, elusive partner Sherlock Holmes, Are involved in investigating some violent crimes. The cases reveal a supernatural world in which dark forces reign and it will be up to the people of Baker Street to strive to save the city and the world at large.

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This new TV series will satisfy the craving lovers Sherlock (Related series Benedict Cumberbatch Left the Netflix catalog amid protests since January 2021)? Probably not. In fact, many have already raised their noses. On the other hand, we are faced with a new interpretation of the character invented by Conan Doyle. Netflix reinterprets history by introducing a new Sherlock, who is unscrupulous and with a dark side, to the point where he is leveraging the skill of some young detectives to achieve his goals. Here you can find the trailer.

Netflix new releases in March 2021: On the same wavelength – From March 25

After L’Ultimo Paradiso, the movie shot in Puglia, another Italian movie is expected to be shown in the Netflix catalog in March. It is about On the same wavelengthAuthored and directed Massimiliano Camitti, In his first appearance as a director in a feature film, and completely It is located between Palermo and San Vito lo Capo.

It is a romantic and dramatic story in which the protagonists, Sarah and Lorenzo, see young teenagers who meet and fall in love during the summer of Sicily. A sailing instructor, sweet and elusive, they will discover that love can overcome any obstacle. Here is the trailer.

Martin Eden – from March 4

Instead he takes us through one street Naples 1970s movie Martin Eden, Based on the novel of the same name by Jack London, starring Luca Marinelli, Who won the Volpi Cup for Best Male Performance in 2019 for the role. Play the role of a young sailor who decides to return to books to become a writer.

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Discover other news from the March Netflix catalog in the following cards

What you’ll see in March on Sky

Exercise its skies Origin Season Finals for three great TV series. Ends on March 8th Raised by wolves – a new humanityThe final episode of the German horror series will air on March 13th Hausen, While the events of Your ExcellencyBryan Cranston, the television crime series that featured returning to the screens, star of Breaking Bad (if you like to read plots, you can find it here). But new TV series also started.

The first, chatting already, is I wish Dee died first (From March 19), starring Pietro Castelletto, Greta Scarano and Gian Marco Tognazzi who relive the career of former Roma captain Francesco Totti. But expectations are high for Investigation H Warrior 2. Discover the intrigues in the following cards.

Amazon Prime Video: Movies & TV Series, March 2021

There are only two new Amazon Original TV series that will be premiering on the platform in March 2021. The first is Invincible, An adult animated series from My Creators the walking DeadRobert Kirkman, and the Skybound / Image comics of the same name by Kirkman, Corey Walker, and Ryan Utley. On the other hand, it is entitled sobriety It is a romantic drama based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Maria Duignas. Find out more in the following cards.

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