“Fried green tomatoes at the train station” is a film about women

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Train Station is based on the novel by Fanny Flag.Whistle Stop Coffee Fried Green TomatoesThe film is about the beautiful relationship between Ninny and Evelyn and the story of great friendship and whispering love between young Idgie and Ruth who, with their strength and courage, will be able to face the adversities the world presents to them.. The film also emphasizes the racial issue that I felt so much at the time. .

“Fried green tomatoes at the train station”

Evelyn is a depressed middle-aged woman who lives on Whistle Stop. One day he meets, in a nursing home, eighty-year-old Nene, who tells her the story of the friendship between proud Edge and beautiful Ruth and the dramatic ups and downs that led them to run the Whistle Stop Café together at a train station that no longer exists, where you can sample local dishes, Only fried green tomatoes. Motivated by the tales, Evelyn is reborn and changes her life. The film is set in the southern United States not too long ago, when African Americans were still despised, men treated women as objects.

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women’s strength

The story of four women, all connected with a feeling of friendship or love, who make courageous decisions to improve their lives. The desire for liberation and feminine solidarity are the two main paths of this film. A film that focuses on gender and color discrimination. The character of a woman in the 80s in a small town in the south of the United States and the strong racist atmosphere towards blacks who are still treated and considered only maids are the focus of this film that makes you both laugh and cry. The intent is to escape the false respect and bigotry of society. An important life lesson that leaves the audience with a different spirit.

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