Frida Kahlo arrives in Switzerland with an exhibition of immersive experiences

The self-portraits that were for Frida Kahlo were the truest and truest expressions of what I really felt, Are the works guiding the immersive exhibition that opened on Tuesday, in the new MAAG Light Hall, in Zurich, Switzerland.

with sample Viva Frida Kahlo – Immersive ExperienceHe said that the 75th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Mexico and Switzerland is being celebrated MillenniumPhilip Traonica, a member of the artist group Projecktil, promoted this proposal that gives the audience the opportunity to feel part of the Mexican artist’s paintings.

With 15 years of experience in immersive media, Projecktil I set out to recreate the world of Frida Kahlo“With his very powerful paintings, with all his very interesting history, to make this happen, we contacted the Bank of Mexico that handles the rights to the artist’s work, and we have already worked for more than a year on this show.”

before opening Viva Frida Kahlo – Immersive ExperiencePhilip Traonica He said he was so excited because it was so impressive to see his work displayed all over the roomFloor to ceiling, 10 meters high.

In addition to showing the paintings, we tell the story of Frida Kahlo, For us, it is almost a documentary in which his relationship with Diego Rivera is also told.And that through more than 120 images, including some pictures. We aspire to narrate the artist’s life through animation, which is our strength.”

Philip Traonica shares that due to the health conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, they were unable to Travel to Mexico and visit museums, particularly La Casa Azul, where Frida Kahlo was born and died.

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However, he points out, the result and the experience is really great, because a 360-degree view is being presented in the new MAAG Light Hall, The first museum in Switzerland to organize only immersive exhibitions.

The exhibition Viva Frida Kahlo – Immersive Experience, located in this forum, which was previously used as a concert hall, will feature video presentations, sound effects and lighting in order to provide a unique experience for the viewer who can be immersed “into Frida Kahlo’s creative world, as they previously did with the immersive lighting fixtures From Hodler, Klee – Illuminated Art and Van Gogh Alive, at MAAG Halle.

The The exhibition can be visited until January 2, 2022.

What sources did you consult to visualize the exhibition and to be able to narrate part of Frida Kahlo’s life?

“Uff, a lot of books, although we couldn’t travel, there were also exhibitions of Frida Kahlo here and we reviewed them, as well as consultants from universities, so we could write the script, which we completed with a professional animation job.

At the end, visitors will take a souvenir from the fair, where they will be able to buy books about everything, as well as T-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs.

What does Frida Kahlo represent to the people of Switzerland?

“Frida Calho is an icon, an example and an inspiration to everyone because of the way she lived her life and how independent she was, and although the older generations know the Mexican artist the most, the exhibition will be an opportunity for the young to get to know her and enter her world.”

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What is more…

MAAG Halle makes it clear to the public that it was only in the 1980s that Frida was universally “discovered” as a symbol of the feminist movement due to her political convictions and her struggle to secure women’s rights. His popularity benefited from the movie made by HollywoodStarring Salma Hayek, an example is the sale of one of her paintings at auction for $5.5 million in 2006.


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