For public spaces – Geretsried founded a technical advisory board – Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Gallery owner Albrecht Weidmann and sculptor Josef Alexander Henselmann and Gerhard Kohn, art teacher at the Greatsrieder Gymnasium, have been appointed to the Gertsrider Art Advisory Board. The City Council Cultural Committee made the decision not public; It has now been announced. The task of the advisory board, which also includes members of the Cultural Committee and representatives of the city council, according to information received from the employee of the Cultural Bureau, Anita Zwicknagel, is to create concepts for art in public spaces. According to Zwicknagl, the advisory board must ensure artistic quality and thus promote “high-quality innovative art”.

Geretsried already has some artwork in public spaces. There is, for example, the bronze gorilla of the late sculptor Hans Kastler at the intersection of Egerlandstrasse and Karl Lederer Platz. Hans Neumann’s wooden horse in the City Museum; Water carriers by the late sculptor Wilhelm Seeb-Schlossbauer in front of the town hall; The late sculptor Alf Lechner’s steel “curved harmony” in front of the city library. “It should be the aim of the City of Geritsried to take contemporary art into account, among other things, in the context of municipal construction projects,” reads the statement from the city council.

Weidmann, 76, is the former owner and operator of the “Art Refuge” in Isardame. He recently opened a new gallery in Elbestrasse. Henselmann, 58, is an independent sculptor. Among other things, he has a bronze inscription of Pope Benedict XVI. Created for the Munich Frauenkirche. Henselmann is the “federal brother” of the mayor of Geritsried III, Gerhard Meinl (CSU), at the German Catholic Students’ Union in Munich.

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