Meißen: an electrified train track instead of the A4 expansion

Mason. The motorway infrastructure in the Dresden region urgently needs relief, and here a motorway can have an effective impact very quickly. For him, this is a better solution than an eight-lane expansion of the A4, according to Andrei Langerfeld, the Bundestag candidate for free voters in the Meissen region. The railway line between Hoyerswerda and Wegliniec (Kohlfurt) In Poland it is allowed to create an efficient ring road between the district of Halle-Leipzig and the Lower Silesian center around Wroclaw in a short time.

Moreover, the social educator and entrepreneur of Meißner sees it urgently necessary to find alternatives to the use of the motorway, especially for commuters from rural areas. For him, this includes extending the S-Bahn from Meißen or Freiberg on at least existing rail lines to Nossen and, better still, to Döbeln.

Smart local warehousing across businesses could also avoid individual trucking and instead put mass transit on rails, the 49-year-old said. The frontier in Saxony and especially in the Dresden region could be the Saxon inland ports of the Upper Elbe. Additionally, in the 49-year-old’s view, toll collection and traffic control systems must be networked in order to make loads reliably predictable and to quickly interfere with traffic regulation measures such as speed control.

Missing charging stations

Steffen Förster of the EDP points out that the Lower Silesian motorway, often referred to as a solution, runs a few tens of kilometers north of the A4. On the other hand, the non-electric dual-track Klotzsche-Görlitz is located parallel to the A4 in Saxony. This road should be electrified, which will also revive international long-distance passenger transport Dresden-Wroclaw, which is now dormant.

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