Finland was a huge crowd pleaser for me at

The 26-year-old tackled the Jyväskylä event for the second time and was happy to hand his Ford Fiesta World Rally Car to the finish line in seventh place without incident, despite a brutal jump of nearly 70 meters at the closing finish. wolf power stage

Fourmaux said his first attempt on the Finnish WRC Tour in an SUV was about gaining experience in one of the season’s most specialized events. It got the job done according to the Frenchman, who followed fellow Englishman Joss Greensmith home.

“It was a big demonstration for me,” he said. “Two years ago I came here and was driving a Rally4, now I’m in World Rally Car! He knew he had to gain a lot of experience. I had to get to the finish without mistakes and my son.

“Honestly, every corner was teaching me a lesson. In every stage he came out of, he knew more and understood more. It’s true that [la diferencia horaria] It’s a little frustrating, but I’m a competitor and I don’t like to lose. This gathering was the most different from all the other rallies.”

When asked about that jump on the Ruuhimäki Wolf Power podium, he said, “It was a good jump. I don’t know anything about the record, but he flew about 70 metres. Inside the car everything was going well, he flew very well, maybe It looked even more dramatic on the outside.”

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