Finland: summary, goals and best plays

  • Griezmann played a great match and scored two goals

  • Benzema attended and was decisive in the second goal

  • France remains in first place in the group and Finland in second place

France defeated Finland (2-0) To try to end criticism. Yes Griezmann And Benzema They are nice, and the competitors don’t have much to do. The French gave a recital Football and the score on the field before the Finns’ disability. The Atleti player scored two real goals, one on 24 and the other on 53 to give Deschamps the victory.

Griezmann left his stamp

The French started with more career than in their previous match Ukraine. The attack was more dynamic, though, as he went back to bed when the opportunities came. Finland did not shrink and tried several times to counterattack, but to no avail.

As soon as he began to hear a hum in the stands, Deschamps’ men took the piles and pressed down. Benzema and Griezmann All players began to attack with real danger. The Real Madrid player tested the Finnish goalkeeper’s reactions, but he veered to a corner to avoid the goal after a shot from inside the area.

The one who did not fail is the last Atleti player. Karim gave him help from the heel that Antoine carried and hit the ball outside 1-0 in the 25th minute.

griezmann goal

The second half began with the same intensity and dominance of the Greeks. They loved each other and the rival did not smell it. That was the 53rd minute when Benzema fired an evasive shot into his sleeve to clear the defender and open the right wing. From there, Griezmann saved it and without a corner and with the keeper covering all the space, he took a boot to make it 2-0.

The player who was a Barcelona player loved himself and was not content with two goals, he wanted the third and was about to do it at 59, but his shot was deflected with difficulty. Despite all their attempts, they failed to penetrate the opponent’s goal more times and left the victory to Atleti with two goals and three points to consolidate them in the first place of the classification.

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