Finland operates another plant and Belgium wants to shut it down by 2025

The debate on nuclear energy in Europe remains one of the main topics to be discussed. In fact, the European Union is studying Classify this energy source as clean energy by 2022 Although it does not have the support of all countries.

Indeed, in this controversy, it seems so Different countries are betting on this energy Finland joins them. Illumination of a new nuclear power plant in the northern region.

Belgium will shut down its seven reactors between 2022 and 2025


Northern European country Olkiluto 3 . nuclear reactor will ignite, which will be connected to the Finnish electricity grid at the end of January 2022, and its commercial operation is scheduled to begin in June of the same year. This unit will produce approx 14% of the country’s electricity, with a capacity of 1650 megawatts.

Finland currently has four operational nuclear reactors, which were produced in 2020 Approximately 34% of the electricity consumed in the country.

The units in Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 of nuclear power are identical: they are boiling water reactors. net electricity production Olkiluoto 1 current is 890 MW and Olkiluoto 2 is 890 MW.

Thanks to nuclear and hydropower, More than 60% of energy produced in Finland is low-emissions, but the state still has a large subsidy in coal, Which accounts for about 15% of its energy production.

During the last COP26 climate summit, a group of 25 countries signed a joint declaration committing Ending international public support for the fossil fuel energy sector by the end of 2022 and prioritize supporting the clean energy transition.

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Finland’s path to nuclear power is on par with the path it has chosen so much France how United kingdomWho wants it Their energy is absolutely clean but they will take the nuclear subsidy For those moments when renewable energies cannot give enough energy.

It remains a different decision in Germany, Spain and Portugalwhich Belgium joins. The country announced that It plans to shut down its seven nuclear reactors in stagesBetween 2022 and 2025.

But still, leave the door open. which is that they reserve the option to use, in the future and, if necessary, A new generation of nuclear energy where they will begin to investigate.

With these factories closed, which is what it means today 70% of the country’s energyGas will become the main source of energy in Belgium. An energy source that the EU wants to classify as clean as nuclear power.

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