Finland did not shout out their goal out of respect for Eriksen

It was certainly not another goal in Finnish football history. Joel Bohjanpalo put his head down, the ball headed straight into the goal after hitting the ground and Schmeichel slipped into his hands. In this way, Blues and Whites crowned their first goals in a European Championship.Which minutes later deserved a historic victory over Denmark. However, what in an ordinary environment would mean a riotous celebration, was not found here. The striker raised his hand to indicate to his teammates that it was not appropriate to celebrate, Out of respect for the harsh situation Christian Eriksen suffered hours ago. They hugged each other in silence.

Joel Pohjanpalo did not celebrate the Finnish goal.

The Denmark player collapsed and underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field. He left the field in good condition and they reported that he was “awake” and “stable”. Great job by the doctors. He was covered in a Finnish flag while Finnish fans cheered for the Danish players.

Watch Finland’s goal

The situation was very difficult. Eriksen, who was one of the best players in the game, went to pick up a team from one of his teammates and before he even touched the ball it really started to fade. He fell and both his teammates and opponents, the referee and the fans, requested prompt medical attention. The Danish player stood beside him, then they put him on his back and began resuscitation tasks. Very strong.

As they performed missions to salvage his heart, the rest of Denmark’s players surrounded him, all in grief, but so that no more photos of that moment were leaked. Several minutes later, Eriksen was taken out on a stretcher and carried away. There, a slightly reassuring image appeared: Eriksen awake while being removed, with oxygen and his hand on his forehead. Fortunately, it all ended in the best way.

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