Finland defeats Norway – second victory for Denmark

Two days after the 0: 1 match against Switzerland, Denmark celebrates its second victory in the third match of the World Cup in Riga.

Well-known coach Heinz Ellers’ side defeated Great Britain 3-2 after extra time. Marcus Laursen scored the deciding goal in the 65th minute of the second game for the Danes in overtime.

Niklas Jensen participated in all three goals for the Scandinavians, 2-1 (14), which also fell in the majority, and he scored for himself. The Helsinki forward Jokrit was already starred on Saturday in their 4-3 win over Sweden, with three goals and one assurance. With seven points now, he is the top scorer. Mikel Bodker, who works for Lugano, contributed greatly to the success of the Danes with two passes. Britain’s Mike Hammond saved 2-2 in extra time in the 57th minute.

In Group Two, the United States defeated Kazakhstan 3-0. The Americans scored on all three goals, and Adam Clinding (7th), Trevor Moore (22nd) and Jack Drury (42nd) were to blame. While the United States won this tournament for the first time, the surprising Kazakhs suffered their first defeat – they had previously defeated hosts Latvia (3: 2 nP) and defending champion Finland (2: 1 nP).

Like the United States, Finland also won its second win in the third match. The Finns defeated Norway 5-2 after a 0: 1 deficit.

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