Finland bans entry to foreigners who are not vaccinated with the Covid-19 virus

Finland /

the Foreign travelers who are not immune to coronavirus The government of the European country, which is seeking to stop the new wave of the epidemic caused by the omicron variant, which has been generating a special alert, announced that they will not be able to enter Finland from Tuesday even if they have a negative test. continent for weeks.

The Interior Ministry announced after a government meeting that only foreign travelers who have obtained a negative result and a full vaccination or evidence of COVID-19 can enter Finland.

Whatever the origin of the foreign citizen, Everyone must present a certificate of vaccination The negative test was less than 48 hours away, said Tommy Kivengori, head of the Finnish Border Guard.

When asked whether unvaccinated foreigners who do not enjoy the exemptions provided by the government will be prevented from entering the territory, he replied: “Yes.”

EU citizens are also affected by the measure, which came into effect at 2:00 pm GMT.

Also on the list of exceptions are medical workers and transport personnel, for force majeure reasons or even people who need humanitarian assistance, as well as some border workers from municipalities in Sweden and Norway.

Last week, Finland announced that it will require a negative test for all travelers from December 28, including vaccinated EU citizens, in order to limit the increase in COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant. But this new measure was detailed after a midday cabinet meeting.

By this measure, that nation joins the An ever-expanding list of countries and regions of the world They are implementing various restrictive measures to try to contain the spread of a new wave of coronavirus infection.

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The omicron variant, alerted in Africa, is still one of the most vigilant among the authorities, especially after it has spread to all continents.


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