BYU, Brandon Avert “answers the bell” against South Texas, avoiding disappointment after big win over SDSU

Over the past 10 days, BYU has defeated arch rival, Utah; Its players finished final exams. The Cougars carved a huge disturbing route over No. 18 San Diego.

Media across the country noted this win over the Aztecs on Friday, with BYU taking nine votes in an Associated Press poll released Monday morning.

For a team that has demonstrated its ability to respond to adversity – like that modest 26-point loss to USC earlier this month – BYU is also proving its ability to respond to success.

In other words, BYU did not have a Monday night disappointment at the Marriott Center against the Texas Southern Squad better than most people think, even without a day of preparation on Sunday.

It was the family’s home evening in Provo, and although the Cougars were sometimes in a benevolent mood – as they managed to outwit the little tigers that blazed the road – in the end, BYU won by 87-71.

“This is a really dangerous team,” said coach Mark Pope of Texas Southern. “They are a group of senior officers, Division I. We were very anxious about this match. We felt it was a test of our team’s maturity and they answered the bell.”

Bob knows one of the enemies of progress is hearing outside noises from fans and other observers.

“Critics and everyone else say,“ This game won’t be as difficult as Friday’s game was, ”if we can block all these voices, we will honor this game and we will succeed, the Pope said.“ I hope we will be able to understand this as a team and have more faith in the next game. … I cannot be proud of our youth regarding their approach to this game ”

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One cougar coped with success well? Senior goalkeeper Brandon Avert, who scored 30 points, including six three-pointers, to line up with five rebounds against Texas Southern.

Avrett, SDSU’s winning champ after burying a game-changer triple pointer with 52 seconds remaining, came again on Monday.

Producer Richardson, who stands at 5 feet 11 points, scored 17 of his points during the last eight minutes, when BYU needed it most.

Midway through the second half, Texas Southern took the lead 13-0 and sneaked past nine points, 61-52. That’s when Averette fixed another 3 in time with 8:03 left.

Bob said, “I’m not surprised Brandon is on a simple path like Alex Barceló was on last year.” “Our things are a little complicated and there is a learning curve. What you see is Brandon’s confidence, not only in his game, but his understanding of the way we play, is increasing. I’m very proud of him. It was huge for us.”

Richard Harward, who played with Avret at the University of Utah Valley, appreciates what Avert has to offer to the Cougars now.

“Brandon Avert is one of the most clutching players I have ever met. He’s an absolute soccer player.” Said Harward, who scored 13 points and pulled five rebounds. “But I knew him at UVU and I knew this guy would be a legend when he came here. It’s really satisfying to me and it’s really exciting to see him take on this role and be that reliable guy. ”

Averette feels more confident and comfortable in his role and isn’t afraid to take open shots when they introduce themselves, as they did on Monday.

“I try to keep it simple and find my way in the system,” he said. “And they enjoyed it there. That was the biggest thing that helped me.”

BYU’s senior player Matt Harms scored 16 points and four rebounds while Barquilo scored a double double with 10 points and 10 assists.

The Cougars improved to 8-2 in the season while South Texas fell to 2-5.

For BYU, Monday’s win was a big deal.

“We were stressing this match maybe more than we were in San Diego. Those big games, the best 25 games, we’re all going to come for those games.” But this kind of lower-tier game team tends to overlook those games and they might get it wrong. . The coach kept reminding us that this will be the hardest game of the year for us. We took this mindset, went out there and took over our business. ”

Texas Southern led goalkeeper Michael Withers with 23 points. Yahosa added 15 points and 12 rebounds.

BYU takes on Wednesday Weber State at Vivint Arena.

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