Finland and Latvia ordered the first 200 6×6 armored vehicles from Homeland for 200 million

The program is open to more countries

Patria 6×6 armored vehicle. Photo: Jinn

Patria 6×6 armored vehicle. Photo: Gins Soriano Forte /

09/03/2021 | Helsinki

Finnish and Latvian authorities partnered with Finnish and Norwegian Capital Corporation homeland Delivery of more than 200 6×6 armored personnel carriers. This order is part of the project agreed between the two countries to develop a platform of this type. At the same time, the three parties signed a framework agreement for managing the production phase of the joint system of these 6×6 armored vehicles.

The Company specified in a statement that under this latest agreement, interested parties can exercise joint procurement management that allows them to realize technical and economic benefits from the general scope of the program’s acquisitions.

For an order of more than 200 units, deliveries must start this year and end in 2029, to meet the terms of the contract.

Although Patria’s note does not specify it, various media, such as jeans, in this case quoting official sources in Latvia, that this initial request is estimated at 200 million euros and is for the Latvian forces. What the manufacturer’s statement indicates is that Finland and Homeland, in turn, have signed a letter of intent on that country’s next serial order.

The President and CEO of Patria CorporationAnd Issa Rautalenko, showed his company’s pride for this “beginning of a series production 6×6 car”, which he described as “an important milestone for us”. He also considers that “undoubtedly, it will also be of interest to other countries interested in improving the mobility of their army.” Patria’s statement insists that this joint program is open to other countries, which may be part of it as long as their existing partners authorize it.

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Launched at Eurosatory

Patria launched in the latest edition of the French sector fair face to face Eurosatory, in June 2018 (last year it was developed only in hypothetical form, due to the epidemic), the 6×6 version of his armored vehicle on wheels AMV. The manufacturer defines it as a successor to the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC, to abbreviate this category in English) after, after Designed to complete the ‘vehicle fleets of legendary customers’ homeland AMV 8 x 8 inches. In fact, the new platform has a chassis structure based on the same components AMV Already known, “but with one axis less”.

It is a vehicle with three-axle traction and is able to move all its wheels in a directional direction or steer only from its first two axes, depending on its equipment. The shield is offered with the option to add different levels of ballistic and mine protection, can be configured with different weapons and is equipped with several options for protection systems. It also has a number of possibilities to furnish your home. Among other things, the ability to arm it with Patria mortars was predicted. nemo 120 mm.

The maximum payload of the Patria 6×6 is 8.5 tons and the total weight can reach 24 tons. It measures 7.5 meters in length, 2.5 meters in height and 2.9 in width. A five-cylinder diesel engine of 294 kW allows it to reach 100 kilometers per hour, and also has the option of moving on the surface of the water.

Inside it has enough habitability to accommodate up to ten soldiers, as well as two or three crew members, depending on the purpose for which it was used.

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Estonia, committed in the beginning

Latvia Last year, it agreed with Finland to develop a 6X6 carWithin the program Previously I also worked with Estonia. The project included a new prototype based on the pre-existing vehicle home 6×6, made by Patria Land Oyas a common platform. Agreement between these states, as detailed by Finnish Ministry of DefenseIt allows building a comprehensive approach to developing joint maintenance, logistics, training solutions, or product development packages.

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