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Finland and Estonia plan to conduct joint air traffic control next year operating under one administration in two different cities. The goal of the collaboration is to save costs and reduce emissions, according to the daily Helsinguin Sanomat.

In the future, Finnish air traffic controllers may occasionally monitor Estonian airspace from Vantaa An Estonian air traffic controller from Tallinn can monitor Finnish airspace.

The reasons for cooperation include ensuring aviation security through a common airspace Cost savings and airlines’ ability to reduce fuel consumption and emissions When they can choose more efficient methods.

“in Europe, The airspace is small, but each country has its own airline or air navigation authority. “When each country builds its own system, costs increase,” says Ren Logos, CEO of air traffic control Fintraffic. “Europe has a very fragmented model in which airlines ultimately pay the costs.”

According to Logos, The goal now is to build a joint virtual regional air traffic control with Estonia, which will operate within a line of business, but in its own facilities. “It would be used as if it were a single crew. A Finn could control a section of Estonian airspace and vice versa. That would be a reasonable measure,” says Logos.

“There may be a situation where Finnish air traffic control provides service for all of Estonian airspace for an hour or two, and then you take a break and Estonian air traffic control provides service to Finland.”

Cooperation will begin with Estonian Air Navigation Services, an Estonian Air Navigation Services company. The European Commission used the control model as an example for a future air traffic control system.

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The project also contains a security policy dimension. According to Logos, in a unified air traffic control system, both countries have a unified meteorological status, which facilitates the guarantee of flight safety in cases where aircraft are flying in the Gulf of Finland without a transponder.

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