“Final Space”, a science fiction animated series. Must see on Netflix

The protagonist is Gary, a boy with some misplaced fuse who, for madness of love, pretends to be an astronaut.

Alessandro Alexandre
December 22, 2021 at 12:55 pm

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caution: “The Final Space” It has nothing to do with Futurama…or something close to it. That’s right: the three-season animated series on Netflix is ​​science fiction, with a satirical interpretation but a whole other story. The protagonist is Gary, a boy with some misplaced fuse who, out of a frenzy of love, pretends to be an astronaut, combines a disaster and finds himself locked up in a starship prison for five years. In order not to drive him crazy, he was provided in the company of a robot, the brilliant KVN.

A daring series of events introduces him to Mooncake, one of the most beautiful alien creatures I’ve seen on TV. It’s a pity that his nature drives him to destroy everything he hits, even entire planets, making him a loose cannon but also a much needed tool of power throughout the galaxy. Loneliness first and the value of friendship makes this fun trip into space an excuse to think, even with emotion, about what’s really important in life.

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