All the light we can’t see, here will be the hero of the new Netflix series

First Young Actress Aria Mia Loperte will be participating All the light we can’t see, the new Netflix series based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Doerr.

Following global selection for the new Netflix series All The Light We Cannot See, the actress was chosen for her Playing the role of Marie Laure, the blind girl is the protagonist who inspired the show, which will be in four parts.

Loperte decided to take part in the acting process as soon as she learned about it from one of her former teachers The production was looking for visually impaired or blind actresses To play the role of Mary Laurie. As a huge fan of Doyer’s work, she already knew the novel, and although she had never studied acting, she was able to land the role among thousands of candidates.

Manufacturer of All the lights we can’t seeAnd Shawn Levy (who previously worked with Netflix at Weird things NS Shadow and bones), has been working on the project for at least two years He will be the director of all episodes of the series, while the script was in the hands of Stephen Knight (meager masks).

Looking for an actress to play the role of famous actress Marie Laurie, a little blind girl whose strength is strong hope and the power of her voice through the air waves in wartime, It was not an easy challengeLevi’s Reveal.We searched all over the world and watched thousands of tests. We never imagined that our path would cross that of a girl who not only never acted, but was never tested.“.

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We were amazed when we first met Aria Mia LubertiShawn Levy added.We can’t wait to tell this wonderful story with her at the center“.

Speaking of Shawn Levy, when will Stranger Things 4 appear on Netflix? The new season of the hit Netflix series will arrive next year, possibly in the summer, as it has in past seasons.

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