Film on the early days of the Coronavirus (in the United States)

Film on the early days of the Coronavirus (in the United States)Phil Lord and Chris Miller – Credit: Isabel Infantes / IPA / Photogram


May 13, 2021

From Giovanni Theiolis

It’s a movie adaptation of a recently published article “The Premonition”.

A few days ago decision before Universal Pictures To choose the rights to make the film a adaptation of the new book of the author and journalist The New York Times Michael Lewis.

In fact, the text in question recounts the early days of the Covid-19 spread and with them some American heroes who tried to warn of the dangers of underestimating the severity of the deadly virus.

Michael Lewis book titled Obsessions, Posted last week by WW Norton & Co. , Straight to the top of the sales lists, an article that follows three major figures – a biochemist, healthcare professional, and a federal government employee working for the White House – as they work to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by discovering that the US government’s response is woefully inadequate.

The project is described in these early stages as a nifty movie All the president’s men With three different characters from the writers listed in their attempt to save as many lives as possible. There will be film directing and production Phil Lord e Chris Miller, As in the Oscar-winning movie Spider-Man inside the Spider World. The duo will direct and produce another adapted movie as well. Peace be upon you, Mary project, From the text of the writer of the same name Andy WeirThe same story that inspired the story in the movie The Martian Deceive Matt Damon.

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