Biden calls, answers Draghi. Because Kerry is looking to Rome

First day in Rome by Correspondent Kerry: Interviews with Singolani, Di Maio and Georgetti. Tomorrow he sees my dragee. High on the agenda is efforts to reduce emissions by 2030. Italy, between COP26 and G20, could be valuable to the United States of America.

The second European mission John KerryAfter that in early March. We look forward to meeting the Prime Minister tomorrow Mario Draghi And to be received by the Pope in the presence FrancescoToday, on the agenda of the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate Joe Biden Face to face with the ministers Roberto Singolani (Environmental transformation), Luigi Di Maio (Foreign) e Giancarlo Giorgetti (Economic advance).

Three advocates of the Italian government have also met in recent days Alok Sharma, President of Cop26 organized by Italy with the United Kingdom. As a guide, as we indicated above, How does the climate file intersect with those of international relations and industrial policy.

To be like Cicero in the capital to Kerry, who, although he knew her, was there David Thorne, His advisor and senior expert in Italy, after he was ambassador to Rome during the first administration of Barack Obama. It was Thorne himself, who had grown up in Italy when the president called his father Landon Dwight Eisenhower To administer the Marshall Plan in our country, to suggest that Kerry participate at the last minute in the meeting in Washington between de Mayo (the prime minister will be received in the administration of Joe Biden) And the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blink.

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It is also reinforced by the sentiments between Presidents Biden and Draghi. With this visit, the United States underscores Italy’s importance as an ally within the European Union, but not only. The Biden administration made combating climate change a priority: Just think that Envoy Kerry has a seat on the National Security Council.

Kerry said more needs to be done to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Celsius. The envoy called on all countries to commit to reducing emissions by 2030, as the current decade, according to experts, is the decisive decade. After meeting Minister Singolani, he explained, “It is not enough to say” zero emissions by 2050 “: We must now take steps that will allow us to reach this goal.

Minister Singolani’s announcement appears to confirm this approach: praising the “new path of the United States to defend the environment,” he made clear that he had spoken with the reporter about “conceptual scenarios, but also about the present and circumstances,” the obligations of the coming months, when Italy takes over the rotating presidency of the G20 And Kobe 26. “We have a very busy agenda and I hope this is the beginning of a strong cooperation between Italy, the United States and Europe,” the minister said.

In this sense, what the United States is asking Italy, which is a friend and co-organizer of COP26 but also the current chair of the G20, is to use these important events to awaken the consciences of other partners so that everyone can reach the ambitious goals set. Italian diplomatic sources.

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The words that were reflected in what Minister Di Maio said after the meeting: “We are at a fundamental historical moment to protect the planet.” Italy and the United States “are called upon to play a leadership role in convincing our partners that the energy transition and the struggle to protect the planet is a great advantage and opportunity for the entire international community.”

Therefore, Italy as a lever for “persuading” others, with whom Rome has better relations than Washington. Example? Before leaving for Italy, during a hearing at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry stated that the Biden administration was considering sanctioning Chinese companies accused of using forced labor in the production of photovoltaic panels and other components of renewable energy. section. This demonstrates once again the transversal nature of the environmental file, which is also linked to another priority of the Biden administration: human rights, which will certainly be among the issues at the heart of the meeting between Kerry and Francesco, with Washington’s efforts. To reconnect the Holy See after four difficult years with him Donald Trump to White House.

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