Federico Bidini Amate and Gianni Indino unite at a test event in San Marino

Federico Bidini Amate and Gianni Indino unite at a test event in San Marino

Join efforts to Fight a common enemy. The Tourism Minister Federico Bedini Amate Which, as promised during the RTV program “Viceversa”, called SILB President, Association of Dance and Entertainment Enterprises From Emilia Romagna Gianni Indino, To talk about The future of leisure and youth tourismFollowing the success of the test events in Barcelona and Liverpool, and in light of those proposed in Milan and Gallipoli.

“It was like calling the rabbit to run,” Indino commented.I came moving in goodwill Knowing that I will find someone who works for the benefit of his homeland e He who does not despise his neighbors, To create conditions for Work in complete safety For an occasion like this we must see us committed and united. ”

So we look at Collaborate on initiatives that involve both realities, Starting with the regulation proposal In San Marino a test of events. “Young people have been especially good at Covid for a year and a half. Time to revive them, Including through prof Musical event“My hands are my dead.” From this point of view We are joining forces for the first time, Along with Indino who made himself available, on the coast of the Adriatic, Emilia-Romagna and Marchi, to provide A possible test also happened in the Republic of San Marino“.

So the primary and always common goal remains safety and sustainability Single-focus clear protocols, Especially regarding the use of tampons. In ItalianA – Unlike San Marino – The youngest of them have not yet been vaccinated. “ The current decree – Bedini Amati explains – already foresees the ability to carry out events Music entertainment for the recipients. The challenge of Italy and San Marino is to create a protocol between the two countries providing for screening through a Buffer, which is a guarantee componentThe Secretary mentions that Coverage of both vaccines and antiviral tests ranges from 80 to 90%., So comparable. “So I don’t understand why we shouldn’t do an event as well for those who have already got the vaccine – and he concludes – even for those who are getting tested.”

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