Fate The Winx Saga, 5 criticisms the Netflix series will have to address

The cartoon Winx Club impressed thousands of viewers around the world, many of whom waited with curiosity and impatience for the new Netflix series Fate: The Winx Saga.

From the first pictures and the first trailer of the live-action series about Winx, however, it was clear that this adaptation would differ significantly from Iginio Straffi’s animation, but after watching the first episodes, fans noticed some details. Don’t disappoint them a little. Here are the top 5.

Lack of wings

This is the Details clearer, But also the most acceptable in the context of the TV series. The heroes of the TV series do not have wings, but the reason is already explained in the first episode before Director, Alfea Farah Dowling (Eve Best): The wings disappeared later Years and years of development This allowed the magic to be preserved while remaining wingless. Obviously, however, the purists of the animated saga were a bit disappointed and hoped to see Wings in the next few episodes.

Where is Flora?

This, on the other hand, represents One of the biggest disappointments. Flora is absent among the fairies, who took the name Terra instead and was explained by Elliot Salt who later revealed that Cousin Flora. The two share the same powers and the fact that at least a famous relative’s name suggests their hypothetical presence in Season Two. Unfortunately, that’s still only a guess at the moment.

And Tecna?

Another well-known shortage is Tecna, and Technology fairy. The book may have removed it to focus only on core powers, but fans hope it could be introduced later in the story if the series is truly revamped.

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Weak personality development

When the characters were first introduced, some fans didn’t even admire their qualities slightly. Annoying. This is because the show tried to make them look like sad teens and have a lot of personal issues. All this, however, unfortunately led to poor character development which was limited, for example, to Bloom’s annoying classic stance or Riven’s fiery character. over there Really noticeable lack of depth.

No Trex, Beatrix is ​​in place

Winx’s bitter enemies were they TrixThree witches who use their power to block the path of the protagonists. In Destiny: The Winx Saga doesn’t show the trio, but only Beatrix (Sadie Soverall) whose strength lies in the lightning power that belongs to the Trix windy. You embody the other three wizards, but in reality it is Fairy like heroes. Unfortunately, this aspect was the most frustrating for the fans.

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