Javi Hervas signs with the Finnish club Lahti

A week ago we echoed The tragedies that football hides Shed light on the unemployment that three of the former Cordoba suffered in different stages, well, fortunately, the three found a team in the following days, the first Alain Uyarzon in the Real Unión de IrúnYesterday it was known Signed by Carlos Martinez by Lincoln de Gibraltar This Tuesday will be a comeback Javi Hervás to Finland What or what Cordoba Sports A week ago, he presented the aforementioned report for footballers without a team.

The new Javi Hervás team in Lapland is FC Lahti From the city of the same name and which has a population of about 120,000 people, it is the seventh largest capital in Finland, where -7 degrees is the usual temperature in the winter. For this reason, among others, Hervas wanted to put an end to the football stage in the Scandinavian country in NovemberBut, after three months of searching for a team in the Spanish second edition B, the former Cordoba player resigned himself and had to return to Finnish football where he has had a good squad from the past three years.

That way, Javi Hervás Change his training courses with Atlético Espeleño In the UD Sur field in Cali Marbella, which he will start for this week in Northern Europe, to face his third stage in the Finnish First Division with Lahti, who ranked sixth last yearBehind the former team from Córdoba in Finnish territory, FC Honka.

Specifically two weeks ago, the teams between the two teams were measured in the group stage of the Finnish King’s Cup, where their new team beat their previous team 1-0. Lahti plays in the stadium of the same name with a capacity of 14,500 fans Hthe coach Sami Restela. At 31, Javi Hervás will once again claim his quality, despite several kilometers from his home.

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