Fans are asking for season 4

The wave of fans’ enthusiasm does not stop reckless, played by Charlie Cox in the Netflix/Marvel series. Recent developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have fans screaming again for the fourth season of the series starring Matt Murdock.

It’s clear that Murdock’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home fueled hopes and imaginations fan of. Attorney Cox appeared to assist Peter Parker during the film and the audience exploded with joy as soon as he appeared on the scene. If that is not enough, Kingpin appeared in Hawkeye, proving that the Netflix world is alive and well on Disney+.

However, many fans are wondering whether Versions of these characters The ones that appear in the MCU are the same as the Netflix series or if somehow changed. Tell Vincent Donofrio a That his character is the same in the series, but fans don’t seem to be convinced.

the The petition was launched at the time of Daredevil’s cancellation It reached 429,973 signatures, in a tweet that you find at the bottom of the news for the user Christina 4109 He writes From the website #SaveDaredevil: “Our primary focus remains seeing Daredevil return as a mature solo series with the original cast. #CharlieCox is our only Matt Murdock. But The rest of the cast and crew should be back too And many other users joined in with the rumor, calling for the show to be back and its champions back.

Tom Holland also spoke about Cox’s cameo in the film: “We had so much fun working with Charlie. It’s really exciting to do a scene between two superheroes that don’t have superhero elements. Except for the moment he takes the bricks. was great, I loved working with Charlie“. Would you like to see the fourth season of Daredevil? Let us know in the comments!

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