Bastian Schweinsteiger (ex-Bayern Munich): The expert comes with a tough verdict – “not the messiah everyone was hoping for”

In the fall of their careers, many professional footballers are considering going abroad, including Bastian Schweinsteiger. An expert came to a conclusion from his last transfer.

Munich – The list of Bayern Munich professionals who moved to the USA in the late autumn of their active careers is not particularly long, but some of the names are all buzzing. Big stars like Franz Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthews or Gerd Muller dared to venture abroad in the past. World champion Bastian Schweinsteiger played in the United States until the end of 2019, and an expert has now classified the FC Bayern Munich icon’s move with a sad perception.

Bayern Munich: An expert in the United States classifies the transfer of Bastian Schweinsteiger as critical – “it was not the Messiah”

Former professional goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel gained notoriety because he was under contract with different clubs on all five continents. After his career, he has also worked in Germany, for example as a sporting director at Fortuna Düsseldorf and as a television expert for several broadcasters. Since the summer of last year, he has headed the future St. Louis City football team as a sporting director, which will play in the MLS in the qualifiers from 2022. Pfannenstiel also spoke About the somewhat different professional league, the 47-year-old is critical of the commitment of European stars.

Lutz Pfannenstiel has played football on every continent.

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Time and time again, attempts are being made to fill the stadiums with soccer celebrities like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Kaka. Bastian Schweinsteiger also played Chicago Fire in the MLS between March 2017 and the end of his career in October 2019. “Bastian Schweinsteiger played an important role in Chicago, for example, but he wasn’t the messiah everyone had hoped for,” said Pfannenstiel of Upper Bavaria.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: The Bayern legend played in the USA – “The time for the dazzling old stars is over.”

Overall, the 36-year-old has played in 92 games for Chicago, but only made it to the qualifiers once throughout his lifetime. However, Pfannenstiel did not notice a significant effect of the relocation. He also notes that the starlight time is slowly coming to an end. Inter Miami stars, Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi, remain “the most famous names” in the league, because “at the same time, players with a medium level of bad reputation are likely to be brought in.”

In light of the increased quality and enthusiasm, expensive PR transfers are now less necessary. This is anyway “the wrong way, because it is usually short and does not have the greatest effect,” says Pfannenstiel. “The days of dazzling old stars like David Beckham or Kaka are long gone – regardless of the fact that Beckham is now a Miami co-owner,” says the original Bavarian. On Saturday, the NBA starts the new season with 27 teams. (Pay)

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