Fan Petition for Season 2 on Netflix

Despite the recent report regarding a possible cancellation, Fan petition for the second season of Cowboy Bebop su NetflixA live action adaptation of a famous Japanese anime. The petition page exceeded 5 million signatures, with numbers continuing to rise steadily.

Despite the recent news regarding the show’s cancellation, less than a month after its launch on Netflix, Many fans have moved on and launched many petitions for the second season of Cowboy BebopA live action adaptation of a famous Japanese anime. The most famous of them has nearly 6 million signatures, with numbers continuing to rise every second.

The series you can read our review of here, Viewed by fans completely differentlyDue to the interpretation of the characters and other reasons, Netflix quickly made the decision to cancel it. Many of the people who signed the petition for Season 2 also confirmed that the fit had some flaws.

Some users already They’re asking for a second season to give the streaming giant the chance to right the wrongs they’ve made, so as to make the most of the transfer of this iconic series. The decision to cancel a series soon after its release is not uncommon on the part of Netflix, which has also made this decision with many other series in the past.

Cowboy Bebop

At the moment, we don’t know if there will actually be a season 2 on Netflix Cowboy BebopAnd But the petition launched by fans is a clear indication of what the fans want, despite various conversion errors. Currently, the company has not released comments on the possible cancellation nor on the various combinations of signatures, which continue to increase steadily.

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We just have to wait for an official statement from the company, which probably won’t take long to come out, given the interest of fans and multiple users of the platform.

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