Facebook and Instagram are calling on iOS users to reject the app tracking transparency feature on their services

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – an Apple Launch a new feature named Application tracking transparency. In simple terms, this feature available in iOS 14.5 allows users to grant or not permission to track activity when opening the app for the first time.

However, this feature is not accepted by a number of app companies, such as The social networking site Facebook. The social media giant is one company that has opposed this feature.

Because of that , The social networking site Facebook It is known that it has started notifying users so that they will not activate the app’s tracking transparency feature. according to EngadgetTechnology expert Ashkan Soltani said, Tuesday (4/5/2021), that this notice also appeared on Instagram.

In the notification, Facebook said it allows activity tracking or the feature not activated Application tracking transparency In its service, users can receive more personalized ads.

Not only that, this method is also possible The social networking site Facebook Offer free service. Users who activate this feature are said to help companies that rely on ads to reach their customers.

This notice, according to Facebook, is a form of education from companies regarding the issue of tracking the activities they carry out for their users.

For information, Facebook said it will provide notifications to iPhone users around the world regarding information about how they use user data to deliver personalized ads.

With this notice, the company claims the user The social networking site Facebook And the Instagram Allow their services to access activities on apps and websites.

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