Expanding London’s congestion charge zone to include Clapham and Catford, Transport Association London says London

Londoners would be “punished” by proposals that include paying £ 15 for suburban driving, the mayor claimed, after talks over a new financing settlement for the capital in the face of Covid-19 failed to reach an agreement.

Negotiations to settle for Transportation London will continue after the government has offered to extend the existing bailout terms of 1.6 billion pounds for an additional two weeks, ahead of the deadline to avoid a financial meltdown.

although TfL City Hall said it was “heading toward a bargain” and said the government proposals were “incorrect” – including canceling free travel for those under the age of 18 and dramatically expanding the congestion charge zone to the outer suburbs.

Mayor Sadiq Khan He sought another two billion pounds To move London until next April, to cover lost revenues, especially from metro trips, where passengers were asked to stay away from public transport due to the Corona virus.

Passenger numbers at the London Tube have fallen to 5% of the usual level during the lockdown earlier this year
Passenger numbers at the London Tube have fallen to 5% of the usual level during the lockdown earlier this year. Photography: Jay Bell / Rex / Shutterstock

The Transport Authority in London confirmed that the Ministry of Transport submitted a proposal for financing last Friday with the terms attached, and the talks will now continue until the end of October. Transport Union Commissioner of London, Andy Bifford, said the two parties were “heading towards a deal” and that the extension was “reasonable and practical”.

However, Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander said that neither she nor Khan “can find out how it is right to charge people £ 15 to drive a mile from Wandsworth to Clapham, or from Catford to Lewisham from October of next year … and that is, in fact.” What the government told us they want.

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“We cannot take the freedom of travel away from people under the age of 18 when so many people are facing real hardship. The government needs to come to the negotiating table and talk wisely about this.”

A spokesman for DfT said it agreed to extend the support to allow more time for negotiations, adding: “These discussions will ensure that London has a secure and reliable network. It would be inappropriate to reveal more details at this point.”

TfL usually gets more than 70% of its income from fare income. Its finances were torn apart by simply asking passengers to stay home and avoid public transportation after the Covid-19 pandemic began and tube use dropped to 5% of normal levels. It is now 35%, and bus use 60%, from pre-pandemic levels.

Khan has described the list A financing agreement worth 1.6 billion pounds, Which was due to expire on Saturday, as a “plaster adhesive.” Speaking on LBC on Friday, the mayor accused the government of trying to “punish Londoners for doing the right thing,” adding: “The government has granted privatized train operators an 18-month grant without conditions … But it says to TfL we will give you a six-month deal with Restrictions.

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