The United States (again) against Europe, increasing tariffs

Yesterday – Wednesday, December 30 – Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) He revised upside import duties on some European products.

He ended up in the crosshairs of the American authorities Especially aircraft components, The latest chapter in the more than ten-year conflict between the two factions in civil aviation, as well as wine products in France and Germany.

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has not yet provided any information on The time required to implement the new tariffs, Indicating that more details will be revealed in the coming weeks only.

New US duties on European products

No peace on the Washington – Brussels axis. At the heart of the conflict, as it is known, is the civil aviation sector: for sixteen years, the United States and the European Union have been trying to compensate for the support provided to manufacturers Airbus and Boeing A detailed system of duties on aircraft components.

In this context, the recent USSR maneuver should be seen, although the duties agreed to by the US authorities will ultimately affect – among other things – as well. Wine, cognac and grappa produced in Germany and France.

And closer inspection, in response to the hostile step taken by Brussels last November, which was approved by the World Trade Organization (WTO). It has approved new tariffs for $ 4 billion in sales. A year ago, however, the upward adjustment of tariffs on European and British products from the United States, which It affected 7.5 billion slides.

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In short, a game of chess that was dominated by movements and countermovements, with sources close to the USSR, revealed how new tariffs were imposed – this time – due to the intolerance of the US Trade Commission towards “Unfair” tariffs adopted by Brussels with the approval of the World Trade Organization.

However, on both sides of the Atlantic There is no shortage of desire to sit at the table and unwind That leads to a contraction of trade between Brussels and Washington. In this sense, UTCR President Robert Lighthizer, and European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Valdes Dombrowskis, has already urged the parties to find a combination in the negotiations.

But the signs are not encouragingNot only the most recent UTCR maneuver, but also the technical times needed for a handover between Donald Trump and the new Biden administration do not allow – at least in the short term – for leaps of optimism on the trade front.

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